2016 We Are Back!!

Hello beautiful butterflies

It’s been a while but the team from Crochet By Koko are back with some very exciting projects. We have decided to feature some pretty awesome designers from the Indian Ocean Island region on this site. The items are handmade with love and this will be a great space for the designers to also have their work recognised and promoted. The idea is to create a wonderful community of designers from the Indian Ocean Island region such as the Seychelles,  Mauritius,  La Reunion, Madagascar, Rodrigues and nearby neighbours such as Tanzania.

Very exciting indeed! Please watch this space for what’s to come……

~Team CBK:)




Crochet By Koko Business Cards!

Hello butterflies

I hope all is well in your world. Mine has been pretty busy of late but i just wanted to quickly let you all know i have just received my ‘Moo’ mini-business cards today and things are just a little too cute to handle right now!! Have a look at these little babies…..just gorgeous:)

Lots of love to you all, have a fab week! Koko xx

Moo mini-business cards Business Cards

Some of my work

This site is still under development but with a little patience and a little sprinkle of grated coconuts, i’ll be adding lots more content:p

Here are some items hand-crocheted with love for some special clients of mine while on tour performing at some amazing festival, east coast of Australia~

Crochet 12photo 3Crochet 11 photo 2Crochet 10 photo 1Crochet 9 Crochet 8Crochet 7 Crochet 6



Hello everyone,

This is my new post from Crochet By Koko. I will be slowly developing the site but for now, just a quick hello and hope you will enjoy my work.

The purpose of this site is to not only get my crochet art out there but to make sure that part of the proceeds from the sale of my crochet will go towards my little foundation (yet to give it a name and have it up on the site- under ‘Community’), for underprivileged kids around the world who are not receiving musical opportunities. Music is a big part of my life and I  have been lucky to have received opportunities, pursue a music career and create a platform as an independent singer, songwriter and musician. Now I want to give back where I can to community as i started in community. This project is small but i’m sure it will grow and go a long way to make a difference to the young people who need it. It is very rewarding and I’m looking forward to enjoying this crochet journey for a very long time!

Love and light to you all worldwide:)


Crochet 5